Outer Lips in Vaginal Aesthetics

Today I would like to talk to you about aesthetic operations related to the outer lips. The 'big lips' or 'external genital lips' called 'Labia majora', which are covered with hairs in the external genital area in women, are skin folds that extend from front to back on both sides, thicker than the inner lips, and slightly fuller-looking. Its length from front to back can vary between 7-9 cm, and its width can vary between 2-4 cm. The aesthetic features of the outer lips, such as shape, size, color, and fullness, which are the basic structure forming the sexual organ, vary considerably according to the geography, race, age and genetic structure of the woman in the world.

In some women, the outer lips develop more and become fuller than normal, in some women, on the contrary, they may be weaker than normal. Rarely, both outer lips may develop asymmetrically and there may be a difference in shape, size and fullness between them. Among the congenital problems, the most common one is the outer lips being fuller than normal. The fullness of the outer lips may also be accompanied by the fullness of the inguinal region, which we call the pubis. This is a problem that arises when clothes such as tights and bikinis are worn, as well as disrupting the aesthetic appearance of the genitals, it creates an annoying situation that deprives the person of the freedom of clothing that disturbs them.

According to the degree of fullness of the outer lips in Izmir outer lip reduction operation, a little fat is removed from the inside by applying liposuction, or if there is excess fullness, a part of it is cut to reduce it. Both types of intervention can be performed under either local or general anesthesia. You can choose the type of anesthesia. If you are going to have another operation at the same time other than Izmir outer lip reduction, then general anesthesia can be applied. The outer lip surgery does not prevent pregnancy, every woman who has had this surgery can have normal sexual intercourse, get pregnant, and give birth normally. It creates a positive psychological effect on the pleasure of sexual intercourse.

The outer lip structure may shrink over time, the skin tissue may become thinner and sagging. Thus, it can show signs of aging prematurely. The reason for this shrinkage in the big lips is the decrease in the fat tissue in this area. Accordingly, skin folds, sagging, discoloration, wrinkles and signs of aging appear in this area. For this reason, filler injections to the outer lips and regeneration of the outer lips with co2 laser have become very preferred, especially in recent years.

 As the filling process:

♦️Hyaluronic acid filler (rarely)

♦️Filling is done (more often) with fat injections.

Liposuction is generally performed with sedation anesthesia, that is, by creating a 'slight sleepiness' and anesthetizing the area with local anesthesia. First of all, approximately 50-80 ml of fat is removed from a fat-rich area of ​​the body with the liposuction method. The most preferred areas are the abdomen (under the navel) and the lateral cavities.

After undergoing some procedures, the extracted fat is injected into the labia minora with the help of special cannulas, bilaterally, equally and symmetrically. In this way, big lips gain a fuller, lively, bright, pinkish and aesthetically youthful appearance.

Laser Genital Aesthetics İzmir
We also use the power of fractional CO2 gynecological laser technology, which is the gold standard in skin tightening and rejuvenation, in regaining the volume of the outer lips. Laser For collagen production in the outer lips, while providing a deep thermal effect, it does not cause aggressive ablation. While the CO2 laser energy is delivered to the vulvar tissue via DOE (Diffractive Optical Element) technology, it splits the laser beam into 81 microscopic pixels in a 9x9 format.

Energy penetrating the submucosa in columns of microscopic thermal fields creates minimal ablation while leaving the surrounding tissue intact. In this way, while the outer lips are renewed, they heal much faster. While the existing fibers contract, new collagen synthesis begins and the target tissue is renewed.