The Importance of Vitamin D Against Coronavirus

Within the scope of the corona virus measures that affect the world, everyone must comply with the 'stay at home' call, but it is important to see the sun when staying at home. It is very important for health, especially for pregnant women, to see the sun from the window or balcony at certain times of the day. “Stay at home but see the sun”

Today, its deficiency in society is increasing due to long periods of time in closed environments and unhealthy nutrition. In the process of taking vitamin D at home, it is important for pregnant women to do their daily activities and see the sun, in terms of health. It should not be forgotten that dozens of health parameters, from brain health to heart health, from diabetes to hypertension, from immune strength to bone-tooth strength, depend on having enough vitamin D in our body. Vitamin D is a very important vitamin that we can use as a support in the fight against the covid19 infection, which is especially common today.

Importance of Vitamin D in Pregnancy
Vitamin D, which should be taken at a sufficient level in every period of life, has a vital importance for both mother and baby, especially during pregnancy. The job of vitamin D is to regulate blood levels of calcium and phosphorus. These elements are used during pregnancy to develop your baby's bones and teeth as well as you. If there is a vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy, growth retardation and skeletal disorders can be seen in the unborn baby. Babies who receive vitamin D deficient during pregnancy may encounter some problems in the long term after birth. These babies are born with low bone density and when they reach the age of 8-9, their bone mass is low compared to their peers. They are also at risk of osteoporosis (bone loss) in the later years of life. The expectant mother is also affected by vitamin D deficiency. The probability of pregnancy poisoning (preeclampsia) and cesarean delivery increases.

Especially for pregnant women, sunlight should not be neglected, and when it cannot be obtained naturally, it is necessary to pay attention to the consumption of eggs, milk, yogurt, liver and fish, which are rich in vitamin D. Sunbathing is an important source of vitamin D. 2000 units of vitamin D are produced with 15-30 minutes of sunbathing, when the skin turns slightly pink. In a study conducted in our country in 2005, 81.7% of pregnant women and 40% of babies were found to have vitamin D deficiency. Today, vitamin D deficiency is blamed on the basis of many diseases, and when we look at the blood test, we encounter vitamin D deficiency very often in all individuals. As a result; Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency during pregnancy and lactation can adversely affect both maternal and infant health and their future lives. Pregnant and babies should be exposed to the sun for vitamin D during the periods of staying at home.