Important parts of women's life such as pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, weight gain and loss damage the vaginal tissue, the cover that holds the genital organs, called the pelvic floor, and the vaginal mucosa. It can cause problems such as relaxation in the vagina and loss of sensation in the genital area, sound from the vagina during sexual intercourse, or leakage of air from the vagina, decreased pleasure in sexual intercourse. At the same time, there may be sagging in the urinary bladder and related urinary incontinence problems, of course, as the age progresses, the connective tissue and collagen structure in the vagina tissues deteriorate as in the whole body.

All these problems affecting women's health have social consequences such as loss of sexual and personal trust; Routine activities such as working, traveling and participating in social activities can cause women to feel nervous and insecure.

What is vaginal rejuvenation?
It is the other name of 'vaginal rejuvenation' (vaginal rejuvenation). Fractional CO2 lasers that we use in treatment are effective on both the upper and lower layers of the skin. In fractional laser systems, laser light is sent to the skin in microscopic columns. The main target in these areas is water, that is, water-containing structures such as collagen, blood vessels, keratinocytes are damaged in a controlled manner. Living cells in the intact areas right next to the thermally damaged area migrate to the damaged area and stimulate the repair mechanism there. Thus, tissue is renewed in the areas where these tiny columns are sent. Strong thermal heating and micro-ablation are applied to different layers of the vaginal wall, providing new collagen synthesis, tightening of elastin fibers, formation of new blood vessels and increasing vaginal lubrication. It produces a very good solution for patients suffering from vaginal dryness. With treatment, the female genital area regains its younger state; thickened epithelium, new collagen structures and the vaginal canal becomes significantly narrowed.

By regulating vaginal pH and flora at the same time with izmir vaginal laser treatment; vaginal dryness, treatment of recurrent vaginal infections is provided. It provides the rejuvenation of the vulvo-vaginal tissue, thus increasing the vaginal lubrication. It provides the treatment of chronic vaginal infections by increasing the local immune system response.

One of the leading benefits of laser therapy is that it is completed in a very short time and does not interfere with your daily routine. Advantages such as the short duration of the procedure, the absence of a surgical incision or suturing, being extremely easy to tolerate for the patients, not requiring anesthesia, being very successful in mild to moderate stress urinary incontinence and mixed urinary incontinence, and providing vaginal tightness throughout the length in the same session. It has aspects. One of the most important advantages of the procedure is that the patient can continue his own daily life on the same day. The treatment is performed by gently applying a specially designed head similar to the transvaginal ultrasound probe to the vagina. All vaginal walls are scanned in a procedure that takes about 20 minutes.

The procedure called 'lunch time' (lunch break) is extremely painless and painless. In patients with a very low pain threshold, the procedure can be facilitated by applying mild local anesthetic creams into the vagina.

Vaginal laser treatment should not be performed in the presence of cancer or precancerous cells in the cervix / vagina tissue. For this reason, it is important that the results of the PAP smear test in the last 1 year of the patients who will undergo laser treatment are normal. It should not be done in patients with active HSV (genital herpes) problem.

It is also not suitable to be done during pregnancy. It is recommended that at least 3 months pass after birth for it to be done.