What is Vaginismus?
It is the problem of 'not being able to have sexual intercourse' and 'contraction in sexual intercourse' in women. Also known as 'first night fear'. Most women with vaginismus think that their genitals are very small and abnormal, that the vagina or hymen forms a wall, that the male genitalia is too large, that it will hurt a lot and that it will cause a lot of harm. The severity varies. Most vaginismus women are still virgins after months or even years of marriage. The incidence of vaginismus in Turkey is approximately 20 to 30 times higher than in European countries and America. The traditional attitude that raises women in every field and sexuality with the emphasis on "not being demanding" and "not appearing willing" seems to pave the way for the development of vaginismus and other sexual dysfunctions. Vaginismus is less common in societies where sexual education is given appropriately, where sexuality can be talked about, where sexuality can be constructed as an act of pleasure from childhood, and where women's sexuality is valued. In our country, vaginismus problem is seen in one of every 10 women on average.

İzmir Vaginismus is a problem of "deep fear", an anxiety experienced by women regarding sexual intercourse. The panic attack-like reactions of the patients during sexual intercourse are a sign of this. Rather than a real pain in vaginismus patients; Pain during sexual intercourse, fear of being hurt is typical. The main cause of vaginismus is the involuntary contraction of the 'pelvic floor muscles' surrounding the vagina.

Pelvic floor muscles are extremely important at birth, in holding urine and stool, during sexual intercourse and in keeping the organs in the pelvis. Involuntary contractions in women with vaginismus can occur even at the thought of sexual intercourse. The severity of contractions and bodily responses varies according to the severity of the problem.

Vaginismus Treatment Izmir
Today, in the light of scientific data, vaginismus is completely cured with sexual therapy. The contraction at the vaginal entrance does not disappear with the use of gel, alcohol intake, drug use, sleep, being pregnant, and local anesthetic applications. Unless there is a real anatomical obstacle to the hymen, it cannot be corrected by interventions on the hymen. We can say that it is the sexual dysfunction that responds best and in the shortest time to sexual treatment. With appropriate sexual therapy in vaginismus, there is a nearly one hundred percent improvement. izmir sexual therapy is mostly carried out in the form of a couple meeting. First, a comprehensive sexual life history is taken, the difficulties of the couple are evaluated, and their concerns are investigated. It is a delayed sexual education done in the first sessions. It is aimed to inform the couple about sexual health, to correct wrong beliefs, and to convey the truth about sexual organs and sexual physiology. Then, with exercises, the gradual contraction and fears of entry are overcome. There may be mild cases that improve with one or two interviews and counseling, as well as difficult cases that require long-term treatment. Psychiatric illness, depression, anxiety disorder, and additional sexual problems in men make treatment difficult.