Ways of Protection from Coronavirus Infection for Pregnant Women!

The most basic way to protect from Corona virus infection is to stay at home ❗️

My pregnant women should also run their business from home if possible, if opportunities allow, and should not leave the house unless it is necessary, except for doctor's checks. The most important factors that reduce our immunity are stress and excessive anxiety. Yes, the current situation and environment prevent this, but scientific data show us that pregnant and newborn are not in the high-risk group. Therefore, after taking the necessary precautions (such as staying at home and personal hygiene), stay relaxed and calm.

Activities That Can Be Done At Home!
There are many activities for pregnant women to do at home. You can meditate, listen to your favorite music, or do special yoga or stretching exercises for pregnant women if there is no risk factor in your pregnancy.

Pay Attention to Your Nutrition!
Unfortunately, staying at home increases carbohydrate consumption, so let's be careful to choose vegetables and fruits that are suitable for a greener diet. Drink plenty of fluids. You can also use herbal teas for their relaxing effects such as linden or lemon balm. Don't listen to too much news if it makes you anxious or nervous.

Sleep Schedule is Important for the Immune System!
A good sleep is one of the most important factors that support the immune system, so let's pay attention to our sleep.

Controls and Birth Method!
For your pregnancy follow-ups, if you are not an active covid 19 patient, no postponement or change is recommended. You can discuss the frequency with your doctor and decide according to your situation. The mode of delivery should also be decided according to medical requirements. Births do not need to be started early unless there is a medical basis. Special precautions are taken for pregnant women and births in every hospital, but you should follow these precautions, for example, there should be at most one companion other than the spouse for the birth, no accompanying persons should be exchanged, and baby visits should be postponed for the health of both the mother and the newborn. There should be no baby visits not only for the hospital but also at home. Let's not forget that morale is the biggest immune supporter and it is very necessary in breast milk.