Increased Happiness with Genital Aesthetics

What is Genital Aesthetics?
Like other parts of our body, the vagina is aging, the tissues are loosening and sagging occurs in places. Many women are dissatisfied with the structure of their genitals and seek support from physicians for a healthier and more comfortable sexuality.

One of the most common problems faced by women who have had a normal delivery is the vaginal entrance due to episiotomy incision or uncontrolled delivery, permanent defects in the structure of the vagina, and enlargement of the chamber. Although such enlargements cause complaints of both sexual and aesthetic appearance, they are little talked about. This is mostly due to the feeling of shame, and sometimes the thought that there is no cure. Nowadays, more and more women apply to physicians and seek remedies for these complaints.

 The most common aesthetic problems in the vagina are of two types. The first group is the width and aesthetic defect at the entrance of the vagina due to the fact that the episiotomy incision made during normal delivery was not sewn well or not healed. In such cases, the old incision area collapsed, shrunk, skin folds were distorted, changed color and structural changes called cicatrice occurred in the incision area. Correction and restoration of this damaged tissue belonging to the old episiotomy site is a simple operation and is usually performed with regional or local anesthesia. After this operation, which is planned immediately after menstruation, sexual intercourse is restricted for 1 month. The woman, who returns to her former state very quickly, becomes more comfortable in sexual intercourse, feels more comfortable psychologically, and her self-confidence increases.

We, the largest group of patients who applied to obstetricians, are the patients in whom the vagina is traumatized and enlarged due to birth, its structure is deteriorated, and the complaints of urinary incontinence are experienced as well as sexual problems related to this. The majority of them state that their partner's or both's sex life has deteriorated after childbirth. The incompatibility between the vagina and the penis creates problems for both partners in orgasm. Although the vagina differs personally in terms of width, it is generally suitable for the entry of two fingers in a woman who has not given birth. However, in vaginas with impaired postpartum structure, this opening increases significantly, as well as the axis and structure of the vagina and the anteroposterior wall support. But it is also a fact that many women who suffer from the same complaints continue to live with these complaints because they are embarrassed or do not know where to apply. As a result of not treating the width of the vagina, the woman loses her self-confidence over time and moves away from sexual life. However, nowadays, thanks to the operations aimed at narrowing the vagina, the woman is able to enjoy sexual intercourse again. Vaginal tightening operations (İzmir vaginoplasty surgery) are usually performed under general anesthesia in the postmenstrual period. It is sufficient for the woman who had the surgery to stay in the hospital for 4-5 hours after the operation. A longitudinal piece is removed from the back wall of the vagina and the cut edges are stitched together. There is no need for sutures to be removed after vaginal tightening surgery. After about 1 month, she returns to her normal sexual life and has a healthier sex life.